Diversity is hard. Let me help.

Whether you're looking to create a pipeline of future employees, reach out to underserved communities who may benefit from your resources or just partner with organizations that don't look like you I can help you prepare. What I offer in an instance of CereBro:

  • A list of your desired groups: Get an up to date, verified list of hubs of activity (Vendors, listservs, conferences, nonprofits, meetups, whatever you need) in your desired area
  • Maps: See your groups on a map, so that you know where to center your efforts
  • Social Media Tracking: Social media isn't the end all be all but it may help tell a deeper story
  • Recommendations: A CereBro instance comes with a lot of info. You'll also get a short document explaining what it means and where they may be opportunities. As well, you'll get a checklist of anti-oppressive actions you may want to consider before you reach out.